A Vacation In The Wild Wild West

A Trip to America’s Wild West

Are you planning to take your family on an enjoyable vacation? Consider a visit to America’s Wild West or more commonly called the American Old West comprising of interesting historic landmarks and endearing culture of the Western United States.

Saloon in an old American western town

Saloon in an old American western town

A good travel package may include a visit to Jackson, Wyoming, a guided tour of the Yellowstone National Park, exploration of Buffalo Bill’s Historical Center and a Cody Rodeo, sight-seeing in Little Bighorn Battlefield and Mount Rushmore, a visit to the Black Hills of South Dakota along with a chuck wagon dinner and many other interesting activities and meals.

An 8-day American Wild West travel plan is explained below:

On Day 1 you arrive in the city of Jackson. On the very same day you can enjoy Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and Exhibition. In this show the Native Americans are shown along with historical scenes of shooting and racing. The show is pure family entertainment which will be enjoyed immensely.

Day 2 starts off with an exploration of the Grand Teton National Park. The park is alive with abundant wildlife and out of this world scenery. Activities like rafting, fishing and hiking can be practiced here. In the afternoon you will be totally free to see the sights of the town on your own.

Our next destination in the Wild West on Day 3 is the famous Yellowstone National Park. Here you will see for yourself the Old Faithful Geyser which is often shown in images and web cams on the internet. In the park you will also see many other geysers and hot springs along with the Grand Canyon. This amazing place holds an interesting history which will keep you fascinated with the entire area. Earthquakes are common in this part of the country.

On Day 4 you can plan your own Yellowstone backcountry trip. Many people love to stay overnight in this area for camping and hiking.

Day 5 of the trip will be filled with adventures in the Buffalo Bill Historical Center (BBHC). The place is composed of five museums in Cody where you will learn some historical facts about American West, Western art, firearms, Native American cultures, the life of Buffalo Bill Cody and much more. In the evening you will experience live show of Cody Stampede Rodeo which is famous the world over. People from all regions of the world visit Wild West merely for enjoying this thrilling show of courage and gallantry.

Well, the wild adventure hasn’t ended yet. On Day 6 you will visit Little Bighorn Battlefield. Here you will have self-guided walking tours around the area and Custer National Cemetery. The place has been preserved as a National Monument.

Day 7 will be spent exploring the Powder River Basin and the Black Hills of South Dakota. The basin is known for its large coal deposits. Sheridan, Wyoming and Montana are famous cities around this location. South Dakota hills offer a variety of exciting activities including wildlife exploration, scenic drives and breathtaking photography featuring beautiful waterfalls. On your way back you will also get a chance to visit the famous Mount Rushmore National Park.

On Day 8 you return to your home city and this ends an amazing and enormously enjoyable trip to the Wild Wild West!

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