Caring For Your Sleeping Bags After Camp

Camping is becoming everybody’s favorite today. We couldn’t blame them for being hooked up with this outdoor activity. Well, for one, camping is such a great activity for your family, friends, relatives or couples; it’s generally open for all types of gender, age and generation.

But once the camping trip is over, we usually throw our camping gears in a corner carelessly specially our sleeping bags without even bothering to clean it all. If you won’t take care of your sleeping bags, I am afraid you might not be able to use them on the next camping trip. And when you still does, it will never be the same before like it was new.

Most of the sleeping bags are made of fabrics although not all. And because it is made of fabrics it needs extreme precautionary measures should be taken when washing your sleeping bags. To clean a sleeping bag, you will need soap and water, not just plain soap and water, but a paste of soap and water, in order to totally wash away all the dirts or stains from the previous camping exposure. Apply liberal amounts of paste on the spots of the sleeping bag with dirt. You may use soft bristled toothbrush or home brushes to brush off the dirt away.

After all the brushing off and scraping of the dirts, you can now place the sleeping bag to washing machine. For bags made of downy, always make sure that you get to dry clean it as they are highly sensitive to washing.

Hand washing a sleeping bag is still the best option. When hand washing, use mild detergents. Soak the bag for around 15 minutes in the detergent solution. Use cold water in rinsing the bag. Press the bag to get rid of the excess water.Allow the air to dry the bag. Avoid over twisting the bag when doing hand washing as they may potentially damage your sleeping. Take note that your sleeping bag is made of a fiber, so less tension is needed when washing them.

Another camping gear that needs to be cared for is our camping tent. For all my camping trips, I always use my favorite four season tents. If you haven’t have one, I recommend you buy four season tents now if you are planning to go out on a camping trip sooner or later. This camping tents really meet my expectations either on winter, spring, summer or fall. I definitely love them. You will definitely adore them too!


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