Autumn Leaf Peeping in Canada

If you’ve never heard of “leaf peeping,” it is described as a “person who seeks out an area where many of the tree leaves have turned colors.” In fact, leaf peeping has become quite popular these days.

According to some statistics, leaf peepers begin their quest in September by visiting Eastern Canada, and end their quest in early November in the state of Georgia.

This autumn, why not take advantage of the falling leaves in Canada? You can rent a car and drive north to Nova Scotia via Annapolis Valley, or you can take a Fall Foliage tour from Boston to Eastern Canada. Either way, the scenery is sure to be spectacular.

Another great vacation spot is New Brunswick. Known for its large variety of trees, the colors of the leaves are breathtaking. The red leaves that fall from the red maple trees, combined with the orange-colored leaves that fall at the beginning of October are worth a three-day trip to see.

On the other hand, perhaps you have saved vacation time for the fall months. In this case, why not take a Fall Foliage bus tour from Boston? The highlights include visiting such sites as Faneuil Hall, the North End, Boston Common, and more. Travel on to Maine, where you will visit Kennebunkport and Portland (a fabulous fall foliage venue).

Taking the scenic route through the White Mountains, you cross over to Quebec where there are exciting tours awaiting you. From Quebec, you continue northwest to the Laurentian Region where the lakes and forests leave you breathless.

Take a day cruise before heading on to Montreal, another great city to explore. Continue on to Lake Placid, the most beautiful village in New York. It is a canvas whose colors that captivate the imagination. Finally, the tour ends in New York City.

Fall Foliage tours or leaf peeping, no matter where the destination, always leaves you wanting for more. Whether it’s autumn in New York, driving through New England, or taking a short weekend vacation to Canada – “the falling leaves of red and gold,” as the song goes, is your September song.


Visit New Englands Amazing Fall Foliage

New England Fall Foliage Travel Plan

A visit to New England during the golden autumn can turn out into a dream vacation for you and your family. Fall is the season when tourists from all over the world arrive in New England for an amazing holiday. You will have plenty of chances to take breathtaking photos along with time to relax and enjoy with your family.

The small village of Westhampton during the autumn foliage season.

The small village of Westhampton during the autumn foliage season.

Here is a sample 8-day travel plan for your New England Fall Foliage trip.

You arrive in Boston on your Day 1 and enjoy a welcome dinner at a popular hotel in the city.

The next day – Day 2 will be spent seeing the famous sites in the city including the Old North Church. You will also get a chance to visit Harvard University and Radcliffe College. Be prepared to take tons of photos to take back home.

On Day 3 you will see the historic Massachusetts towns, all of which are associated with an interesting history. There are 14 counties in Massachusetts including Plymouth, Middlesex and Hampshire. The landmarks in this part of the country are worth seeing which include popular towns like Salem, Windsor, Orleans, Manchester, Princeton and Greenwich. Salem is known for the stories of witchcraft and it definitely will keep you busy for the entire day with its old townhouses. Portsmouth can also be discovered on the same day.

Day 4 will be spent exploring the state of Maine which borders with New Hampshire to the southwest and Canada to the northwest. The Maine beaches are particularly worth visiting in addition to an educational cruise on a lobster’s boat. The interesting coastal towns of Kittery, The Yorks, Wells, Ogunquit, The Kennebunks, and Old Orchard Beach can also be visited.

In New Hampshire there are tons of activities for the entire family. Here you can connect with nature in the most enticing ways. The place consists of more than 300 lakes and numerous nature centers. On Day 5 of your trip to New England you will explore the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the famous Green Mountains of Vermont. Breathtaking waterfalls and a totally relaxing environment is what you will find here.

You will spend the next two days in Plymouth discovering historic landmarks and beautiful locations. Day 6 can be spent exploring the entire land which is also known as the “Green Mountain State”. Skiing and snowboarding activities are very popular in this part of the country. However, during fall you will experience the wonder of looking at exquisite and vibrant falling leaves. In Plymouth you can also visit the birthplace of Calvin Coolidge.

On Day 7 you will visit the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge where you will find Norman Rockwell posters, prints, Evening Post Covers, figurines and gifts. On your way to Williamstown in the evening you will notice how beautiful and amazing the hills are. In this area activities like golf and swimming can be practiced but unfortunately your stay here will be very short.


On Day 8 you will return to Boston with your fellow travelers through the river of Connecticut. Even this journey back home will be filled with stunning scenery and a breathtaking view of autumn’s falling leaves.

A visit to New England during fall is definitely going to be a relaxing and totally enjoyable experience of your life.

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