Top Tips for a Cheaper Vacation

With the current recession weighing heavily on everyone’s mind and pocketbook, planning a vacation that is affordable requires research. This includes the time of year you travel, destination, accommodations, and amenities. Here are the top tips for a cheaper vacation this year.

  1. When possible, travel off-peak. However, be aware that the weather may not be the best and, depending upon the destination, the hotel may be undergoing refurbishment. For example, you can obtain a great air/land package to Paris in January as well as an all-inclusive package to Alaska in April.
  2. Choose the road less traveled. While most people will fly to warmer climates during Spring Break, consider choosing a vacation spot such as Mexico or Hawaii where you can realize significant savings on air/land packages.
  3. Book your flights for early morning or late evening departures. Instead of choosing non-stop flights, select connecting flights which are considerably less costly.
  4. Consider rail or bus travel to neighboring cities in lieu of flying.
  5. When booking a package with a travel agent, ask for an all-inclusive package. This would include air, hotel, transfers, meals, and local tours. Two of the best vacations encompassing all of the above are cruises and Club Med resorts.
  6. Pack light. Airline luggage fees for a family of four can be quite expensive.
  7. Choose a destination where you get the most for your dollar. Check the exchange rate in other countries and purchase the currency upon arrival.
  8. When traveling to a family resort such as Orlando, book a reasonably priced hotel or motel further away from the park. Book a room that has a kitchenette so that you can prepare meals instead of paying exorbitant prices at local restaurants. An all-inclusive package with a car and tickets to the theme parks can save you money in the long run.
  9. If you are traveling by car, utilize AAA’s trip ticket and check online for stations that offer the cheapest gas prices along your route.
  10. To check airfares, call the airlines on Wednesdays. This is the day they usually come out with low-cost fares to certain destinations. You can even utilize the many online sites that will email you when cheaper fares are available.

Book your vacation at least two-three weeks in advance. Always check with your travel agent as they are given the heads-up when flights and hotels are under-booked, thereby creating great discounts for you to take advantage of.

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What is the most inexpensive way to travel to Mali, West Africa?

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jcred2201 asked:

I am trying to reunite with my fiancee. We have two beautiful children together. Does anyone know the most inexpensive way to travel to Africa. Please no solicitations or promos for your travel agency. Seriously I need help on this, I need help on how to live there to but thats another story. I have a blog about our stuggle please take a look at it.


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What countries and what time of year-I want to travel to inexpensive countries and follow the sunshine, so?

inexpensive travel
Salsa asked:

the priorities are that it is the warm (not unbearably hot) time of the year and that the dollar still has some umph (i.e. I would love to stop in Europe, but the Euro/dollar exchange rate cancels that option). So what route do you suggest for a year of warm and cheap?

Cruise Vacation Insider Tips


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