A Kauai Vacation Plan

The Ultimate Kauai Vacation Plan

Even though the biggest island in Hawaii brings you exceptional weather and breathtaking beaches all year, you’ll still want to consider some important points to ensure your Kauai vacation plan is perfect. You’ll want to find out the best time to go, what to bring and what people you’ll need to contact. Your vacation will go much smother if you plan everything ahead of time and create a sound schedule.

Best Time To Visit Kauai

Your Kauai vacation plan should blend into the busy tourist season or work completely around it. Most tourist visit Kauai twice every year starting from the middle of June to Labor Day weekend and also from the middle of December to Easter. The visitor centers are usually crowded during Christmas and in August so be sure to book your hotel, car rentals, park tours and any other attractions well in advance.

If you make your reservations and buy tickets on the fly, you’ll be paying a lot more because prices sour during these periods. Traffic congestion is also a concern during the peak season. You can get a lot of help from your local travel agents as well if needed. If you search around for a package deal that includes discounts and reserve months in advance you’ll reduce you cost quite substantially.

If you want to just relax and enjoy the scenery, events and attractions, then you’ll want to visit Kauai during the off-season. There are less tourist and prices are a lot cheaper. You’ll also get the best deals on major attractions and you won’t have no problems making restaurant and hotel reservations.

The average temperature of Kauai is generally 78 degrees Fahrenheit whether you’re vacationing in the summer or winter. The temperature usually drops only 5 or 6 degrees between the hottest and coldest seasons. The water temperature stays between 74 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures have a tendency to drop early in the morning and in the evenings.

Your Kauai vacation plan should include provisions for rain since there is a lot of it. Expect hard rain showers from December through March affecting any hiking or water activities you might have planned. Of course, you can experience better weather during the summer months. The northeast side of Kauai is most affected by rain so you’ll enjoy the weather more on the other ends. The heavy showers are what provide the spectacular bigger and better flowing waterfalls and the healthier vegetation.

What To Pack For Your Kauai Vacation

One of the most essential items you’ll want to include in your Kauai vacation plan are sunscreen or sunblock lotion. Make sure you get this with an SPF of at least 25 to 30 since the sun gets mighty intense while lounging on the beach. Make sure to pack sunglasses as well to protect your eyes from the UV rays. Take a camera that has a lot of memory or film because you’ll want to capture all the fun-filled moments and amazing sights you’ll encounter. The temperature here doesn’t go to the extremes so you’ll want some comfortable clothes that you can readily hit the water with.

Some other must pack items include a Kauai map that shows the major highways and bypasses and also shows the more popular tourist attractions. Make sure to take a water jug when you’re hiking or going deep into the island. The rivers and streams are not always safe to drink from. Hiking Boots, mosquito repellents, beach games and water sports equipment will make the whole Kauai vacation plan come together and more enjoyable.

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