The Black Chasm Cavern Natural Landmark

Plan a Trip to the National Natural Landmark: Black Chasm Cavern

If you are planning an adventurous vacation with your family, discover the historic Black Chasm Cavern located in Volcano, California. This natural landmark is an attraction for tourists coming from all over the world because of its preservation of a variety of formations and crystals.

You will discover plenty of real gemstones inside the cavern during gemstone mining. You can buy a box full of dirt and crystals and pretend that you are sluicing for real gemstones. This unique activity will keep your children enthralled and excited.

Black Chasm Cavern is also connected to the movie Matrix Trilogy and there is a Visitor’s Center where props from various other movies are displayed. The kids will immensely enjoy this.

The entire walking tour will last for approximately 50 minutes. You will descend the stairs and walk on irregular paths to explore the cave. You will also get a chance to visit the Landmark Room where amazing helictite crystals taken from the cave are displayed.

You will learn during your trip how the stalactites and stalagmites grow over time and many other facts about this natural habitat for living beings.

Children are allowed inside the cave but it is advised that they walk on their own. There are gift shops and other interesting locations to be found in Black Chasm Cavern which will keep you busy throughout the trip. Here you will find souvenirs to take back home. While exploring the Colossal Room you will see a beautiful turquoise lake below.

For those who live in California exploring the wonderful Black Chasm Cavern can be an excellent family vacation idea. You will get plenty of chances to fulfill your desire of climbing and hiking. The experience will be thoroughly enjoyable for the kids as they will see the natural settings and explore different kinds of formations.

Check online for more information on Black Chasm Cavern and the surrounding locations.

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