How About A Trip To Mt. Rushmore


Mt. Rushmore National Memorial

Especially in an election year, it seems like there are few better ideas for a summer family vacation which is both fun and educational than a trip to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.

Mt. Rushmore National Monument

Closeup view of Mt. Rushmore under blue sky

You can get a terrific five night Mt. Rushmore vacation package which includes:

* An audio tour of Mt. Rushmore

* A visit to the Crazy Horse Memorial

* Your choice of a visit to the Wounded Knee Museum, Rapid City’s Journey Museum, the National President Wax Museum, the Roo Ranch or the Mammoth Site at Hot Springs!

The audio tour of Mt. Rushmore will give you a comprehensive view of this unique national monument which is dedicated to four of America’s presidents – Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. The tour has narration, music, sound effects, interviews and recordings of Gutzon Borglum (the sculptor of Mt. Rushmore) and his family, as well as workers and Native Americans. You can also view exhibits and buy souvenirs at the visitor center.

The Crazy Horse Memorial is a place you’ll also want to visit. This monument is in honor of the Ogala Sioux leader who fought at Little Bighorn. Still in progress, the Crazy Horse Memorial will be the world’s largest sculpture once completed, reaching a height of 563 feet and 641 feet in width. This monument is being built on Thunderhead Mountain, considered by the local Native Americans to be sacred ground located between the towns of Hill City and Custer and just eight miles from Mt. Rushmore. The face of the memorial was completed in 1998.

 Crazy Horse Monument

Monument of Crazy Horse, the legendary Native American warrior

The Wounded Knee Museum is a must-visit site for the whole family. The Native Americans consider the Black Hills to be a sacred place and this museum will teach you about the Lakota people, especially the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890.

The Mammoth Site at Hot Springs is a place that adults and children alike will love. You can take a guided tour, see a paleontology lab at work, watch films about this archaeological site and just explore on your own. You can learn all about one of the largest land mammals to ever live in North America, the mammoth. See how an archaeological dig works and learn about the animals and people who once inhabited the region.

And no trip to the Mt. Rushmore area would be complete without a visit to the Roo Ranch. This 13 acre ranch features 60 kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos and other animals; visitors can interact with animals, see young roos in the nursery and even have their pictures taken with these amazing marsupials. The Roo Ranch also holds an enormous indoor exhibit with many birds, possums and dingoes. The Roo Ranch is a fun and educational day with the animals of Australia.

Get some more information at the South Dakota Mt. Rushmore Visitor Center.

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