A Vacation To The Pacifc Northwest

Pacific Northwest Travel Guide

A vacation to the Pacific Northwest is definitely going to be an outing of a lifetime for your entire family. From celebrations of the Cranberrian Festival to adventures in the Columbia River, you are going to be on the peak of excitement and thrill for full 8 days. Here is a sample travel guide so that you can plan your vacation accordingly.

Day 1 is the beginning of your journey in Portland where you spend a night relaxing and getting used to the surroundings.

View of Portland, Oregon from the west hills just after sunset. Mt Hood in the background.

View of Portland, Oregon from the west hills just after sunset. Mt Hood in the background.

Day 2 starts off by visits to Portland’s famous gardens including the Japanese Garden and the Terraced Rose. The rose garden is visited by thousands of tourists from across the globe because of the beauty and serenity it exhibits. There are about 8,000 varieties of roses here which will keep you mesmerized for the entire day. You will also visit Mount St. Helens and learn about its interesting history.


On Day 3 you travel to the exquisite Columbia River Gorge and enjoy an entire day of recreational activities including hiking, white water rafting and kayaking. You will also get a chance to see the historic Bonneville Dam which is named for Army Captain Benjamin Bonneville. This day will be filled with amazing sight seeing and chances of taking breathtaking photographs to take back home.

On Day 4 you will arrive in the Willamette Valley which is located in northwest Oregon and popular for its agricultural prosperity. Here again you will get plenty of gorgeous views to capture in your camera. Over 200 wineries are located here because of which the valley is also known as “Oregon’s Wine Country”.

On the same day you will travel to the coastal town of Newport where different events are held in each season including Newport Symphony Orchestra and Seafood & Wine Festivals.

Day 5 will be spent in Bandon State Natural Area where you will find recreational activities like beach combing, fishing and wind surfing. Optionally you can also opt for an enjoyable cruise up the Rogue River and visit the Redwood National Park famous for its picturesque campgrounds and amazing wildlife.

Day 6 of your Pacific Northwest Vacation will be filled with adventures in the village of Eureka along with a fascinating ride through the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California. Here you will have the pleasure of seeing giant redwood groves. A popular forest in this range known as Rockefeller Forest is also worth visiting. You will be driving through the famous Golden Gate Bridge to arrive in San Francisco.

On Day 7 you will see various historic landmarks of the city in addition to shopping and relaxing. Day 8 will be the last day of your Pacific Northwest vacation as you will start your journey back home.

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