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Skiing vacation | Travel & Vacation Tips & Resources

How to Prevent Skiing Accidents

It is a common fact that skiing accidents take place with alarming regularity and increasing frequency every year. During the winter months, vacationers make plans to visit their favorite skiing resorts to enjoy the thrill that only this sport can provide. However, skiing requires that one follow specific rules to prevent serious injury.

Skiing is a sport that demands lots of physical fitness and agility. As long as the skier is skiing along a flat tract, the chances of accidents are quite low. But trying to ski down a steep, snow-covered mountain slope is often met with serious consequences.

Therefore, here are some measures you can take to prevent a skiing accident. Unless you are agile enough and have enough experience in skiing, stick to flat, snowy tracts and do not attempt the dare-devil act of skiing down a steep mountain slope. More often than not, the skier gets carried away by the thrill of this sport. At times, they may turn to view some breath-taking scenery and it is at that split second that their attention is diverted from their course.

Another important aspect is acclimatization to the rarefied air. Rarefied air causes a significant decrease in blood oxygen levels, leading to dizziness and loss of focus. The percentage of oxygen becomes lower at levels that are far higher than the sea level. This in turn can create breathing problems. It is recommended that a skier should take some time to get acclimatized to the rarefied oxygen level before attempting to ski. Engage in stretching exercises prior to skiing. This increases the flow of blood through your body, helps to warm up your body, and also sharpens the reflexes.

Another potential danger is skiing while intoxicated – this is a disaster waiting to happen. An intoxicated person does not possess the same sharpness. In a sport where misjudgement by even a fraction of a second can lead to fatal accidents, a skier must be in tip-top shape and have clarity of mind before attempting to ski down a dangerous slope.

Even the best of skiers tend to make mistakes, but they often manage to protect their limbs and lives because they wear protective gear. Of all the protective gear used by skiers, the helmet is the most essential since it protects the head and encapsulates the brain.

If you are planning a skiing trip this winter – whether you are new to this sport or an experienced skier, it is always a good idea to discuss proper ski wear with an instructor at the site to ensure you are conforming to the rules and regulations.


Your First Ski Vacation: Why Not Aspen

Aspen, Colorado For Your First Ski Vacation

If you’ve ever thought about miles of white sandy beaches, then usually Florida or Hawaii come to mind. When you think about taking a ski vacation, then no doubt Aspen, Colorado tops the list. When it comes time to plan your first ski vacation, then nothing compares to Aspen, Colorado. I think Aspen would provide you with the most enjoyable experience on your first ski vacation. There are plenty of first class ski resorts that offer many slopes for skiers of all skill levels.

When you’re planning your first ski vacation to Aspen and Snowmass, there are some important tips you’ll want to keep in mind. You want to make sure your first ski vacation is enjoyable as well as one you won’t soon forget,

Ski Run at Snowmass

Ski Run at Snowmass

As you know, planning is everything to ensure you have the perfect vacation experience. One of the first things you’ll want to consider is the accommodations that are available. Aspen, Colorado has many ski resorts and can offer you many different accommodations and ski packages. You’ll get to choose from staying in a hotel, condo, or even rent a cabin or a lodge. Planning your meals is another consideration. You can prepare your own meals or dine in the many restaurants Aspen has to offer.

Another thing you’ll want to include in your plans is the time you want to spend on the slopes and the time you want to set aside for other activities besides skiing.

When you’re planning your first ski vacation to Aspen, Colorado, you’re going to find out that there are several resorts and lodging options to choose from. Skiing is a way of life here and is done everywhere and everyday. With all these choices, you’re going to become overwhelmed with where you should stay, eat, or even ski.

Aspen has a reputation of being expensive and often caters to the rich and famous. Don’t let that scare you from taking your first ski vacation here. You’ll find out that those accommodations, food, ski lifts, and ski rentals are very reasonably priced. You don’t have to be a Tom Cruise or Donald Trump to enjoy your first ski vacation in Aspen. Regular people like you and me with regular salaries can afford to spend a winter getaway in Aspen, Colorado.

The great thing about Aspen is, there are a wide variety of skiing slopes and mountain terrains to choose from, whether you’re a beginner or an expert skier. Are you looking for a slope that is smooth and long, or one that is curvy and bumpy? It doesn’t matter because it’s up to you. Whatever terrain you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

Besides skiing, Aspen offers all kinds of other winter activities to enjoy on your first ski vacation. You can go snowboarding, tubing, tobogganing, or even snowmobiling.

So you can see, Aspen, Colorado is one place you’ll want to consider when planning your first ski vacation. Whether you plan on bringing your family, friends, your significant other, or just planning on going solo, Aspen is the ultimate place to spend your first winter getaway.

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