How many crunches should I do per day to look good for spring break?

spring break
Alyssa J asked:

Im not fat, I just want to look amazing for spring break since I will be going to Myrtle Beach.
also, if you have time, what can i do to tone my legs/butt?

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Where in florida should i go for Spring Break?

spring break
Andy asked:

I am currently planning a trip for Spring Break. I currently live in Tampa, FL, so I am not interested in going to Clearwater since I live 10mins from it. I’m interested in going partying, drinking, bars/clubs, and getting some sun on the beach. I am also not looking to spend a fortune. I’ve been to Daytona and it’s alright. I’m currently leaning towards Key West. Any opinions? I am kind of weiry about Key West because I heard it’s a big spot for gay people, which I have no problem with, but I don’t want to go if it’s exclusively gay.

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How much sex really happens on Spring Break?

spring break
Karl L asked:

Im curious to know if people really get laid a lot on spring break. I am a bit of a skeptic and i think the whole thing about lots of sex is overrated. I would like to know from those who have been to spring breaks what the real deal is. Are the girls really looking for sex or fun and are they as promiscuous as television and pop culture (girls gone wild/MTV) make them out to be.

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