How much does it cost to travel in Australia?

libeled.lady asked:

I know it depends, so I’ll provide general details. I just want the gist… the general price range.
-I’m at student so I can get discounts
-I’ll be staying in cheap hostels
-Traveling to Sydney & Melbourne for around 2 weeks
-Don’t eat a lot
-Would renting a car be cheaper than traveling by bus? I’ve never been to Australia, I’ve no idea how much I’ll have to walk to get places in Sydney and Melbourne.

This is all without the ticket price. But if you can, please also give an estimate of roundtrip tickets (including student discount) from NY to Sydney in December.


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  1. babyJay on September 19th, 2009

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    for the air ticket try this website they do cheap flights on top name airlines, but since you’ll be coming here in december i advise to book early as they get really expensive at that time of year.hostels vary in price but you can get a good clean one for around $25pn obviously less being a student,food wise unless your wanting lobster everynite you could get away with $25per day even less.bus travel is cheaper, they also have trains so getting around is realitavely easy, and you can buy day passes.i will say tho you should bring around a grand for entertainment and activities though, altho there are alot of free things to see and do.enjoy your time here later in the year

  2. azza on September 19th, 2009

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    Here are some general prices for travelling on the cheap in Australia. They’re listed in Australian dollars, which is a fairly stable currency and pretty easily converted on the internet to US dollars.

    Bed in dorm room in hostel in city: $20 (Absolute minimum) to $35.

    The price isnt really a good reflection on the quality of the room, but generally, a $20 dorm room will be in an older place, outside the main touristed areas of the city. A $35 room should be in a brand new, well equiped dorm in a popular tourist area. Plan on spending about $25 a night for dorm accomodation.

    Single rooms tend to start from $35 and go up to about $70. Again, $35 will be in an older place, out of the way etc. $70 will be at a flash B&B, with a private bathroom and breakfast included.

    Bus tickets are still sort of expensive in Australia. Count on spending about $100 or a little more for a 10 hour trip. Book early as prices are cheaper when you book early. If you plan to do a lot of travel on the buses, Greyhound offers multiple use passes which are good value. You can also get student discounts, but you MUST have an international student card.

    Travel by bus is still cheaper than renting a car though if you’re travelling alone. If you’re travelling with a couple of other people though, and split the cost of rental fees, insurance and petrol, then renting a car is good value.

    Also, air travel is becoming a lot cheaper in Australia. Book early on one of our budget airlines and it often ends up being cheaper than the bus.

    Try: (The cheapest, but has limited services at the moment)

    Food prices: Most hostels have kitchens, so you can easily prepare cheap meals from food bought at the grocery shop for a couple of dollars. Melbourne also has some awesome fresh produce markets that are worth checking out as well.

    It’s cheapest to eat out for breakfast or lunch. Dinner in restaraunts is usually a little more expensive. A lot of restaraunts in student and backpacker areas run $10 breakfast and lunch specials. Pubs run $10-$15 dinners on Sunday – Wednesday nights. They tend to a steak with chips or a chicken schnitzel and chips, and you need to buy a drink (A pint of beer or equivalent spirt) to be eligable for the deal.

    Other than that, count on sit down restaraunt meals starting at about $8 for breakfast and lunch and $15 for dinner. (Not including drinks.)

    Returned Service Leagues clubs (Clubs started up for the returned soldiers) have the cheapest drinks and sometimes do really cheap lunch and dinner specials. They’re a cheap (If slightly dull) place for a few drinks before a night on the town. You dont need to be a member to enter them if you live more than 5Km’s from the club (which, obviously, coming from NY, you do.) You just sign the guestbook and show your ID and you can go in.

    Prices for getting around in the city:

    From the airport in Sydney: If you’re on your own, the cheapest way to get into the city is to take one of the shuttle from outside the arrivals. From memory, it’s $10 to any hostel in the city/Surry Hills area. (Probably more to Bondi)

    In Sydney, public transport runs pretty much anywhere you could wish to go. Trains are easiest to use if you dont know your way around. See this link for pricing info:

    In Melbourne, the trams are really useful and pretty reliable. Zone 1 covers the area between Fitzroy through the CBD, South Melbourne and out to St. Kilda which covers the vast majority of the city’s sites and accomodation areas. I think a full fare zone 1 metcard is about $6. Less if you have a student card. All the trams have ticket machines, but they only take coin and I always find them to be tempermental pieces of junk. Best to buy your Metcard at a 7/11 store before getting on board.

    On Sunday’s, Melbourne transport offers a Sunday Saver metrcard. It costs $2.50 and is good for unlimited travel anywhere on the suburban tram and train network. Great value. You cant buy these on board the trams. Only at 7/11 or Caltex stores. (Other places sell metcards. Just look for the sticker in their windows.)

    Place to stay:

    In Sydney, I think the best place to stay is Surry Hills. It has a few hostels that are far cheaper than in the rest of the city, and it’s a short walk to central railway station. It’s one of the cheapest suburbs to stay and eat in inner Sydney, because it doesnt get many tourists. Lower Pitt St in the middle of Sydney has a lot of hostels, but these are noisy dumps, and this area is a lot more expensive. Bondi Beach area is expensive as well, and quite a distance from the city where the main sites are.

    In Melbourne, the main backpacker area is St. Kilda. It has a beach of sorts and is full of pubs and clubs and hostels. It is very expensive though. It’s far cheaper to stay in a working class area like Fitzroy or Collingwood. These places have a large student population and as such are far cheaper for eating, drinking and staying than St. Kilda.

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