How to go from UniSA North Terrace to Boronia Street, KLEMZIG?

BOMH asked:

If I travel by Bus, how long will it take and how much is the bus ticket?
I am a student do I enjoy free ride or fare with discounted price?

Are there any alternative transport besides Taxi and Bus?

Thank you very very much.

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  1. yahwhoooon on September 6th, 2009

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    1. Head east on North Tce toward King William Rd 1.1 km
    2. Continue on Botanic Rd 0.4 km
    3. Continue on North Tce 0.8 km
    4. Slight left at Payneham Rd 3.0 km
    5. Turn left at Og Rd 1.5 km
    6. Turn left at Wilpena Ave 0.3 km
    7. Turn right at Boronia St 0.2 km

  2. John W on September 8th, 2009

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    Are you an Australian student – or from overseas? This will affect the price (Aust students get half price fares). Would you consider a bike, or small motorbike?

    yahwhooo, you forgot to include the map in your copy and paste. Google? Or was it Whereis? :p

  3. The Queen of Hearts on September 10th, 2009

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    No public transport apart from bus and taxi from the city to klemzig unfortunately.

    If you’re a student then you get a concession price for a ticket.

    You’re best bet is a multitrip ticket (you get 10 tickets, which is cheaper than if you buy a ticket every time you ride!)

    $13.80 for tertiary students (tafe or uni)

    The bus route could be any one of these.

    I don’t know the area of Klemzig very well so check this timetable

    Good luck

  4. Sammy S on September 13th, 2009

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    Get yourself out onto OG road, which is the main road. The bus will come and take you into the city. It will probably stop on North Tce, but you will have to walk a bit. It takes about 20 minutes on the bus.

    If you are a student at uniSA, you can get a discount if you show your student card. I am from victoria and they don’t accept my card!

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