Inexpensive ways to travel to around England?

inexpensive travel
Penny Lane asked:

Give some pointers on inexpensive ways to travel to England. Places to stay, eat and visit. Keep in mind an inexpensive budget. Pointers on what to see, where to go, your favorite places, cool places that aren’t tourist traps.

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  1. Susan Donahue on January 28th, 2009

    One of the nice things about England is that almost anything you want to see is within walking distance of a train station. Buy a Brit Rail pass here in the United States before you go. The rates are very reasonable, the trains are clean, convenient and almost always on time.

  2. ZCT on January 31st, 2009

    The train is not bad, they also have coaches called National Express. These are like Greyhound, but a fair bit more upscale (yet cheap).

    As to what to see, depends on what you like to see. I’d consider a venture into South Wales if you like castles. Bath is nice for the buildings. Just get out of London. London is cool, but there is a lot more to England than London. Many tourists forget this fact.

    Britain is not going to be cheap though. The exchange rate is horrible. But as the other person said, most places are in walking distance from the train station or coach station. Public transport in the UK is excellent compared to America.

  3. krumlov on February 1st, 2009

    The cheapest way to travel in England is by bus. Nationalexpress or megabus are very cheap even last minute you can still afford them as far as trains go you have to book them weeks in advance because if you rely on them last minute you might as well walk. I have been then done that and ended up waiting hours for a bus instead of paying away my savings on a train. You can stay in hostels or you can do couchsurfing. As for cool places to see take a daytrip from london to bath.

  4. Andrew F on February 2nd, 2009

    national express coach

    hotels if you can stand them – they are mostly youths in to 20’s depends on your age and what you are willing to put up with

    bed and breakfast or just guest houses are the best

    any city bus day pass is good

    pubs are cheaper than restaurants as are fish and chips take out

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