Is it me or are online discount airtravel sites a load of crap?

smokey s asked:

I use them to find times and vary my travel dates but I go to the airline of choice then to actually book the flight. So far it’s always been cheaper because I don’t pay the website’s fee (some are hidden you have to be careful).

Does anyone have a site where you really save money?
Obviously Mr. T doesn’t travel much. Just to double check though, I ran my next three flights, differing times places and advanced notice thru you suggestion. First of all it only connects you with other sites????? Big Deal I can do that. Secondly, not one website off of bookingbuddy was cheaper than what I paid. In fact every site, no exceptions, every flight was more than going to the airline website directly because I saved all the hidden fees. Two off of bookingbuddy charged fees of $25 or more. For what?

I agree there are chances to save – bulk for instance, and in one case a friend used two different airlines and saved a little money, but scheduling was much better.

Otherwise I can’t find any benefit by using these sites. I was hoping someone had a site with real savings, but I guess they don’t exist.
Again Mr T’s, I proved your smartazz remark was wrong. If you had an ounce of logic you’d see bookingbuddy doesn’t save me a cent. Two flights I already booked I saved 15% over any bookingbuddy site by going to the airline websites themselves. Whoopie thanks for nothing jackazz.

I’m looking for real savings, there must be some even in a wh0re business like the airlines. That’s why I’m asking the question.

If I wanted some cheap azz response from a moron I would have emailed you directly and quickly deleted your unread response.

How To Save On A Cruise Vacation


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  1. jonologist on September 21st, 2009

    Cruise Vacation Insider Tips


  2. Mike R on September 23rd, 2009

    Save Hundreds on a Cruise Vacation

    They ARE a load of crap, for the most part. When I’m traveling for vacation (i.e., my company’s not paying for travel and I actually want to find the best deal) I always check sites like or to see which airlines have the best fares, and then I go to that airline’s website and pick the exact same flights, and just about 100% of the time the fare is exactly the same except there’s no “booking fee” like those sites charge. So it’s actually the best deal to go through the airline’s website.

  3. CharliePhxAZ on September 24th, 2009

    How To Save On A Cruise Vacation

    There are times when travel websites such as Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity and the like will buy seats in bulk, at a discount, and re-sell those seats to it’s customers. This inventory, since it is already purchased, is independent of the inventory the airline is offering and sometimes you can buy those seats for less than the airline is currently selling them for. Otherwise, and in many cases, you are correct that the 3rd party website is only acting as a travel agent and selling at the same price as the airline directly plus their booking fee. This is why these websites have heavily advertised their added services lately to entice people to use them rather than the airline for those added features like notifying a third party of arrival delays or getting a discount by booking air, hotel and car rental as a package. For some the convenience of one-stop shopping and added services are worth the booking fee.

  4. a1c_labranche on September 24th, 2009

    Cruise Vacation Insider Tips

    Aside from the information just provided, there is one thing that is missing, and could be the most important:

    When an airline cancels the flight, you’re screwed! Most airlines will try to call the custmoers to inform them that their flight was cancelled. But when you use those sites, the only information in the reservation is the website’s.

    Not only can you not get in touch with the customer, but you can’t give that customer a refund becuase the authorization code is not from their credit card, but from that stupid website.

    That’s why they suck!!

  5. Mr. T's Pretty Cuzzin on September 27th, 2009

    Cruise Vacation Insider Tips

    It’s you.

    ——- updated
    Wow, you really proved I was right with your additional details.

    Which route(s) specifically did you look at? Airports and dates. I’ll check back.

  6. Servette on September 29th, 2009

    Cruise Vacation Tips

    I can add that if you use a REAL local travel agency, may save you some dough as well.
    Reputable agencies have “deals’ with airlines or can buy tickets from consolidators, which ONLY travel agencies have access.
    There are no bargains with the sites like Orbitz, Expedia and other like them. They are just on-liner travel agencies and once they sold their bulk tickets, which are quite limited anyway to each agencies, they will sell you published fares plus booking fees.
    But if you buy tickets from a non-website agency, talking or meeting a REAL person and got a non-published fare or an APEX fare (cannot get those on line) and pay a small fee, it ends-up still cheaper than the Travelocity, Orbitz, etc…..

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