Planning A Vacation To Belize?


Belize: A Tropical Vacation Wonderland

If you thought Dorothy had an interesting time in OZ, you’ve obviously never traveled to Belize; this country of about 240,000 is famous for its jungles, Mayan ruins and caves.

This is just one possible itinerary when vacationing in Belize, the tropical wonderland:


* Once you arrive, you may want to pay a visit to The Belize Zoo or you could choose to just relax while you look forward to all of the adventure which awaits you at your scheduled stops.

ABC Nightline – The Belize Zoo – video powered by Metacafe

*The next morning, you’ll start with a river cave exploration, combining tubing through a cave river and hiking in the main chamber of the cave and in the higher chambers. You’ll see Mayan artifacts and learn about the people who used to live here, along with some information about Mayan ceremonies practiced here.

* The third day is when you’ll begin an overnight cave expedition. You’ll have an hour and a half hike through the jungle, which will take you to a 300 foot deep sinkhole, known locally as the Black Hole. Local guides will teach you how to rappel into the Black Hole. You’ll set up camp near the entrance to a nearby cave after lunch. You can choose to explore the cave, or just sit by the campfire and listen to the guides as they regale you with stories from past trips and of the Mayans who once inhabited the area.

Mayan Temple in Belize

Mayan Temple in Caracol, Belize

* On day four, you’ll enjoy a waterfall cave expedition. You’ll go on a short hike to the entrance of the cave and then see the waterfalls inside.

* Day five offers an excursion to the Blue Hole Horse Trails. This branch of the Banana Bank grand equestrian lodge offers the chance to see the jungle on horseback, something which is a truly unique experience.

* Day six will be a day of Sibun River kayaking. This river is one of the most unspoiled in the world. The river flows through jungle, mountains and rainforests in the Sibun watershed. You’ll see colorful tropical birds and other animals, hear howler monkeys and if you’re lucky, maybe even a jaguar.

Belize has a lifestyle and culture which is similar to other countries in the Caribbean. There is a diverse population; the people of Belize are of ethnicities including Mayan, Spanish, Creole, British, Mennonite and Garifuna. This makes a Belize vacation a very interesting journey.

With more than 500 Mayan ruins to explore in Belize, there is so much to see that you’ll want to come back again and again.


Learn a little about the country and the various tour packages available before you plan your trip – in any case, a vacation in Belize offers both recreation and learning and will always be a fond memory for you and your family.

Check out the Belize Tourism Board  for places to see and things to do.

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