Tips For Travelling Through Airports

Nobody really likes going to the airport- unless they’re a mad-keen plane watcher.And unfortunatley, airports are becoming busier and busier as more people take to the skies.So what can you do to maxmise your time at one of these much-dreaded buildings?

See if you can check in online

The easiest way of minimising the amount of time you’ll have to spend at an airport is to check in before you even arrive. This lets you evade those long lines at the check in desk. You’ll also be able to use the bag-drop if you choose this option, which is far faster. Most of the major airlines now allow you to check in online, so visit the website before you head off to check.

Less is more

Taking fewer bags means you’ll be far less stressed.For one, hauling a lot of bags to and from the airport can be irritating. Not only will your journey to the airport begin with a train or taxi ride but it will also include some walking. Packing less baggage will let you move around far more easily.

Just take hand luggage!

If you don’t mind taking fewer bags, then the hand luggage only route will also save you a lot of time. If you do this and check in online, you’ll get through the airport in half the time it would conventionally have taken.Even for international flights you can arrive 1 1/2 hours before departure. (Compare with 3 hours for checking in at the airport and checking in luggage).

Splash out on lounge access

It’s now really easy to find a company that will give you access to one of the business lounges at the airport.Just do a Google search for the airport you’re going to and ‘lounge’. A two hour pass can cost as little as $20.

Not only will the lounge give you free coffee and tea, but more importantly give you a bit of peace and quiet before you set off. Buying lounge access is just another way to take yourself away from the stress of the rest of the airport.

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