What cheap travel site lets you see the best deals from your city without date and destination restrictions?

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fifty asked:

I’m trying to find great travel deals from Denver and I don’t care about dates or destination. I just want to see the least expensive. Every site I see makes me enter dates and destination which hinders finding the absolutely cheapest vacation. When I entered “anywhere” in one site, I got a $6000 trip to Aomori.

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  1. neverdugdisco on November 16th, 2008

    I would suggest trying Southwest.com. they are generally the cheapest and they don’t work with any of the online travel agents like travelocity, or expedia. I would suggest a flight from denver to Las Vegas if you are trying to save money.. if you dont gamble its a pretty cheap place to stay and eat and theres a lot of free shows and stuff to see out on the strip.

  2. marcolopezjr on November 16th, 2008

    You should try Farecast.com. There is a travel deals section where you can look at all deals from your origin. Here’s an example, click on one of the cities on the right to look at it by major city:

    You can also use their map feature, which has sliders that allow you to focus your search. Very cool.

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