What is a recommended cruise ship for singles?

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cutebrowngirl asked:

A few of my girlfriends and I want to go on a singles cruise ship (barbados, etc.) can anyone recommend any? thanks.

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  1. M. L on December 18th, 2008

    Norwegian has an excellent ship that I absolutely fell in love with. It is the Pearl and it has alternating itineraries between a 9 day Southern (Barbados, Antigua, Tortola, etc.) and a 5 day Western (Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Key West, etc.) The ship is the 2nd newest in their fleet and is very modern with a super cool night club called the “Bliss Ultra Lounge” that has 4 lane bowling alley on the sides and in the middle is all plush velvet couches and beds, with a dance floor that goes till the wee hours of the morning….very cool! They did lots of things for singles on that ship.

  2. 2Westies on December 21st, 2008

    I’m not single but have been on several different cruise lines. On Royal Caribbean and Norwegian you’ll find older groups ranging from 30s to 70s, they’re more expensive. Carnival is less expensive and caters more to younger, single groups. Have fun.

  3. kaf on December 23rd, 2008

    I would stick with royal caribbean or carnival! I have been on them all and I found that although I enjoyed the Norwegian pearl, it was an older crowd.

    When are you looking to go? for how long?

    also visit to read reviews on the ships.
    (you can also search for singles cruises, go to find a cruise, under lifestyle)

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