Where should me and my friends go for Spring Break?

spring break
Jonathon C asked:

Me and a few friends are trying to decide where to go for Spring Break. Our spring break is the first or second week of March. We all have different opinions on where to go so I decide to let Yahoo Answers give us some choices. We’d prefer a place with a good night scene and stuff to do in the day other than sitting around. We are all between 21 and 24 and would like to have a good time and meet some interesting people along the way. We’ve already done Vegas and Cancun. Any suggestions?
All guys in the group. Not looking for sex in other countries, just cool people maybe the possible spring break romance. Something like that is always in the back of peoples minds.
Excuse the bad grammar. i’m at work on a crappy computer that has crazy lag and a broken keyboard.
I already did the New Orleans thing. My family is from the area, Slidell mainly.

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